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The Band

'Fisky' (aka Boom Dog*)
Lead vocals and rhythm guitar
Fisky has been in bands since the age of 14 - primarily to meet girls. Things haven't really changed in 17 years and he enjoys being able to do what many have referred to as "posh karaoke" ... only that he is the only one who gets to have a go. The other band members’ ability to knock out some mean representations of songs allows Fisky to be able to have fun trying to emulate the best front men in the world. Fisky has the very rare ability to be able to grab a large audience’s attention and take them on often hilarious and provocative journeys. He once asked a festival crowd of over 2000 out on a date to another performance later on in a small pub car park – they all pitched up. Previous bands include 20:20 Hindsight, Great Odins Raven (what?) and Girls on Top (more like it). Fisky plays a little guitar when required but mostly enjoys trying to mix the moves of teenage 90s break dancing with the Rolling Stones.

Tom (aka Bird*)
Lead guitar & BVs
Tom played violin and viola from the age of 8 but took up guitar aged 14 to annoy his violin teacher. His most memorable early days gig was at an all girls’ school where his hair caught fire from the pyrotechnics. Tom has been a habitual former of bands since he was 15, his philosophy being to book a gig as soon as the band is formed to put the pressure on and skirt over the usual months of ‘set-bitching’ and band name procrastination. Jam Sandwich is his longest running, next up was The Racket. His shortest living band was formed for a Valentine’s bash and was called DFYM (Don’t Fancy Yours Much). Most ludicrous was the excellent and occasionally still-performing university band - The Harry Monk Band (they thought it was cockney rhyming slang for drunk – they were wrong).

Jeremy (aka Jzee*)
Bass & BVs
Jeremy kicked off with the French Horn at school cruising through all the grades. His first band was Ken Wood & the Mixers at university. Jeremy formed the band, got the first gig, bought his first bass and started to learn it - on same day. This fine band went through subsequent iterations: Ken Wood Remixt & Ken Wood Unplugged. Some might say (Fisky certainly) that Jeremy sports the best booty in the industry and that he strikes an ‘attack-position’ second to none. Jeremy is not your typical motionless and geeky bass player, he really struts his stuff. Resident in Scotland, the band foresee visa issues should devolution occur and his location does make the logistics of Jam Sandwich a tad more complex than most bands (so no complaining). Jeremy also plays the bagpipes. Oh dear.

Tim(aka River*)
Tim's first instrument was cello at school and then he took up the drums in attempt to impress girls at school (as the cello wasn't working apparently) and formed a school band aged 12 called The Banned (and according to Tim - yes we did rock!) Tim first dabbled with professional music with a touring covers bands on the European circuit after leaving school aged 18. This musical safari continued through Tim’s 20's and included a brief stint trying to get signed with Beach37. Tim also drums and writes music for the simply insane (but excellent) folk metal band, Barbarian. Tim likes orange lights on his drums and occasionally sports a generous sprig of loo paper in each ear during practices.

'Chip' (aka Monk*)
Keyboards & BVs, plus tambo, Tibetan mantra bell, nose flute and finger cymbals
Chip became a professional musician in the mid 80s, after becoming proficient on the Hammond organ and piano before the age of 10. He toured and worked as a session keyboard player with many artists including on Rozalla’s debut album, bagging 3 top 40 hits, including the legendary "Everybody's Free to Feel Good". The pinnacle of his career was touring with Michael Jackson on the European leg of his "Dangerous" tour in 1992, his largest audience was the Hippodrome de Vincennes, Paris with 110,000 people. He then worked for The God Of House - Arthur Baker and moved briefly to LA but decided it was best to return and seek a life in rural Kent and live out his days in rural tranquillity and quiet meditation. He is an accomplished carpenter (hence ‘Chip’) and he joined Jam Sandwich in 2010. He had converted whole band to Buddhism by December 2011. Well, sort of.

Toby (aka DJ*)
Sound man extraordinaire ... the band say that every band should have a Tobes! They rise to his critical ear (ex-brass player of note) and his judgement as to what is working and what isn’t. They know the audience are getting the full Jam Sandwich treatment when Toby starts pogoing around and punching the air from behind the mixing desk. When things really kick off Toby will often progress onto the middle of the dance floor. Toby will modestly suggest that half of the magic is that Jam Sandwich will not compromise on equipment quality at all. Untrained, unrestrained, unflappable.

Josh (aka Yoshimura*)
Yoshimura, so called after predictive text conjured up this great name; otherwise known as Yoshi, or even Yo Sushi (no sponsorship deal yet). Yoshi is chief technician and engineer responsible for our blinding light shows and a meta-hard drive of technical wizardry to help create our sound. DJ Yoshimura is also a great DJ and has even gigged atop of the French Alps. Yoshi looks a little grumpy (with us) most of the time and speaks a whole different language of limiters, EQ’s and pink noise, but it is a beautiful language and we love him for it.

* akas are adopted street names in line with the band's long overdue foray into dance music
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Our shows brim with enthusiasm and energy because we are in essence a bunch of close friends on a night out!

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