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About Us

Since starting out in 2001, Jam Sandwich has evolved to become one of the most sought-after 5-piece contemporary rock and dance bands in the UK. This is unique given that all its members have busy family and professional lives and as a result only performs 1-2 shows per month - so the band only go where the fun is! Jam Sandwich shows brim with energy because in essence the band is a close-knit team friends on a night out. "This band has that rare ability to create an electric atmosphere with large audiences…you will leave their shows covered in sweat and with a huge smile on your face”.

After repeated requests and a desire to play at more festivals, Jam Sandwich launched its first originals album in late 2015. It is called Midlife Crisis and was published under Jam Sandwich's originals artist name ‘Streamer’. The album has be met with critical acclaim (available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and iTunes). The band had been playing some of these tracks live to massive response since 2014.

Jam Sandwich has a fantastic reputation - it fills London venues and wows large events around the UK. Each year the band is invited on mini-tours that have taken in the Tiree Music Festival, the island of Pabbay, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Kenya. It has performed for companies, private and public festivals, clubs, individual and family celebrations. From back room bars to festival stages; taking in boats, beaches, hotels, marquees, nightclubs, mountains, islands, pubs and stately homes along the way.

Jam Sandwich is offering free performances to a selection of the largest charity fund-raising events that come its way. It has supported the Motor Neurone Disease Charity and The Silas Pullen Fund (for child brain cancer).

Get your tickets here for our Grand Sandwich show at The Clapham, Grand on Friday, 16 June 2017 in support of MNDA

"During the planning for TMF2014 we had worries about the Tiree wind blowing the roof of the new Big Top Tent - however it was the performance of Jam Sandwich that very nearly blew the roof off! They created an electric atmosphere in our new tent with their feel-good, high energy performance - a guaranteed crowd-pleasing band and great professionals to work with."

- Daniel Gillespie, Artistic Director Tiree Music Festival

"Jam Sandwich are a band apart, great charisma on stage and top guys off it. You get exactly what it says on the jar - a vibrant, exceptionally high quality gig with a definite guarantee for the big audience!"

- Railway Hotel, Faversham

"Their dynamic and non-stop brand of presentation is stunning, as too is the quality of their musicianship."

- Faversham Hop Festival 2013

"... up the scale in terms of musical achievement and accomplishment."

- The Field, July 2013

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